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How to Fix the Proximity Sensor in iPhone 5c/5/5s?


Well, it would be quite useless to ask if you know about proximity sensor of your phone or not. Of course, you do! Proximity sensor is a sensor that is installed in your iPhone to detect the objects close to the screen. The sensor gets enabled or sleeps when you’re making a call or when the phone is near your ear. Steve Jobs already explained the importance of the proximity sensor with the launch of iPhone in 2007. It is helpful in saving battery when you have a long conversation over the phone. Proximity sensor in one of the important features in an iPhone as when the phone is attached to the ear whilebeing on call, the sensor automatically senses it and locks the screen so that none of the other icon is being touched. Let’s talk about the fact, what if suddenly the proximity sensor stops working? It can create issues, the call might get on speaker or may be mute, and it can be disconnected or can make another call.

You need to keep in mind that the proximity sensor can be fixed. Before fixing the sensor, backup your iPhone as there’s a probability that some of the data might be lost so it’s better to play safe. Technically, there are two methods for fixing the sensor.

1.  Do It Yourself (DIY) Method- iOS Trouble Shooting:

  •          Make sure you’ve cleaned the display screen of your phone. If you face any issues with the cleaning process, it can be because of the protector on the screen.
  •          Power off the phone by pressing the lock button and then restart it after a few seconds.
  •          Erase all the content and reset the settings by: Settings>> General >> Reset >> Reset all Content         & Settings.
  •          Keep the iPhone in recovery mode or DFU mode.

o   For Recovery Mode: Plug in the phone with your PC or MAC Book, try to launch iTunes. Hold the power and home button until the phone restarts and the Apple logo appears. The moment Apple logo appears, wait for the iTunes sign and cable display on the screen. Select Restore, and let iTunes download firmware that is required for factory reset settings.

o   For DFU mode: Plug in the phone with your PC or MAC Book, try to launch iTunes. Hold the power and home button until the phone restarts. Wait for 5-7 seconds, leave the power button but keep pressing the home button. If it succeeds, choose Restore, and let iTunes download firmware for factory reset settings.

2. Expert Method- Hardware Checking and Trouble Shooting:

If you’ve tried the DIY method but it didn’t fix the sensor, your sensor might need to be replaced or transferred. When you open up the screen of your iPhone, you’ll get to notice that there is a framed-shape item in your phone that is known as proximity sensor holder. The issue with proximity sensor occurs, usually when the holder is misplaced, it should be kept in place to make the proximity sensor work. Red tape is used to keep the holder in place. There is a shape where the holder should be place, it should be aligned with the shape. 

5 Ways to Fix Wi-Fi Calling On iPhone 5c


Wi-Fi calling feature is an amazing feature that enables you to make the voice calls using Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi calling is accessible for the users of iPhone 5c, 5s as well as iPhone 6 users can also use this feature. If you are facing problem during making calls over Wi-Fi, here are some tips for you that can help you to fix the problem. You can follow the five tips to fix the problem on your iPhone and we are hoping that it will be helpful for you to fix the problem.

1. Check Wi-Fi Calling

Firstly, it is necessary to ensure if the Wi-Fi calling is allowed in your phone. To check if the Wi-Fi calling is allowed or not, Tap the settings icon, after that tap the phone option, and check if the Wi-Fi calling is enabled or disabled

2. Turn Wi-Fi on or off

If you have faced any problem with the connectivity of Wi-Fi previously, then this solution will be helpful for you to fix the problem. First of all open Settings, turn off the Wi-Fi, after that turn it on again. Generally, Wi-Fi calling works fine after doing this.

3. Restart Your Router

If you are having problems with the Wi-Fi calling on your phone, then you should need to restart the Wi-Fi router. Sometimes, the simple step is the most helpful thing to solve the problem.

4. Restart Your Mobile

If the Wi-Fi calling isn’t working fine after trying the above tips, then restart your phone. To power off your phone, press the power button and hold it for few seconds and a slider will appear on the screen, drag the slider to turn off the phone. After switching your phone off, press the power button once again to turn on your phone. After turning it on, Try making a call and hopefully the problem will be fixed.

In case, if your phone isn’t working properly, you need to force restart your phone. It is also easy. Press the home and power button together and hold the buttons for few seconds and then let go the buttons after the apple logo appears.

5. Reset Network Settings

It is also another helpful tip when Wi-Fi calling is not working on on your phone. You should have to remember that by applying this method, APN and VPN settings will be removed as well as cellular settings will also be removed; Saved networks and Wi-Fi passwords will also be removed. Follow the simple steps to apply this method:

  •          Open settings app.
  •          Tap to open General.
  •          Choose the Reset option.
  •          Click on the Reset Network Settings.

If we take a look on the Wi-Fi calling feature, users of iPhone are completely satisfied with this feature it is a great feature, but we know that, problems may arise sometimes, in such case, you will find these five tips very helpful for you. Try the above five tips one by one and any of the tips will be helpful for you to fix the problem.


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