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HTC M8 Microphone Replacement

HTC's aim with the M8 was to take the original HTC One, codenamed 'M7', and make everything better. As such the HTC One M8 is an all-round upgrade job. One thing's for sure: there are no major leaps with the M8, but we're seeing a similar trend with all new flagship smartphones.

HTC M8 SmartphoneHere in this HTC M8 Microphone Repair Video  You will see that our technician shows how to  replace the microphone ( which is a known issue with the M8 ). We at repairxpert.com have certified techicians that will creafully replace any part on your mobile device , tablet or computer. With customer service as our top priority, we have been able to start offering nationwide mail in repair service. If you have a broken phone or tablet , by visting www.repairxpert.com & simply selecting your device from our huge selection of smartphones and tablet mail in repair sevice. Select the issues you're having with your device , if your not able to select the problem or have multiple issues, just select our FREE ESTIMATE. Our trained technicians will diagnose the issues and get back to you with an estimated price at which point you have an option of fixing your phone or not. Mail your phone via any United States approved mailing services like, Fedex , UPS or USPS. Once we receive the phone or tablet, our trained technicians will be quick to work on it and fix all issues. We will mail it back once repair is done, for no extra charge to you.

http://youtu.be/HwHTMp5UWtk - LINK TO YOUTUBE VIDEO

We service the following:

- iPhone 4/ 4s/5/5s

- iPad 2/3/4 Repairs

- iPods

- Samsung

- Droid

- Smart Phone Repair

- Tablets

Other Repair Specialties:

- Screen Replacements

- Water damage

- Audio

- Volume button

- Home button

- Power button

- Speakers

- Charging port

We service the iPad 2, 3, 4, Air, and Mini; some common repairs that we provide are:

LCD replacement

Glass Digitizer replacement

Headphone Jack repair

Dock Connector repair

Camera replacement

Battery replacement

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